Mission Statement

1 To be a rescue contact whose primary mission is to assist Borzoi in need of rescue and rehoming.
2 To provide assistance where possible with rehabilitation, medical care and proper placement of any Borzoi in a rescue and rehoming situation.
3 To maintain and provide information on all aspects of rescue with a list of volunteer foster homes for borzoi in need and a list of volunteers for transport of borzoi in need.
3 To be a point of contact for potential new homes for rescue borzoi and in home visits if deemed necessary.
4 To be a point of contact with follow up advice if required for rescue borzoi in new homes.
4 To liaise with and assist other rescue organisations that may take in rescue borzoi.
5 Fundraising to assist borzoi in need. To offer expenses to volunteers for transport and in home fostering.
1 A borzoi who is turned over to rescue the following information is necessary
A Reason the borzoi is in need of rescue
B Behavioural history of the borzoi
C Medical history of the borzoi
D Breeder (if known) and has the breeder been notified.
2 The owner will sign an agreement of release into the care of rescue
3 If the breeder of the dog is determined, they will be contacted and informed a Borzoi from their breeding is in rescue. If the breeder will not or cannot take the dog, the breeder will be requested to take financial responsibility for the dog's care, boarding fees and medical care until they are placed into a new home.
1 Application form to be completed. An in home visit may be required.
2 Signing of agreement that the guide to living with borzoi has been read and understood.
3 Adoption fee to be explained why and what this covers
4 Agreement that for the rest of the life of the borzoi should any circumstances change again and the adopter can no longer keep the borzoi Borzoi Club Rescue will be the first point of contact to arrange a foster home or new home asap.
Borzoi Rescue Coordinator
Tracy Page
Rescue contacts
Linda Thomas    Karen Arden

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